Is this a religious meditation practice?

There is no religious attachment. Normal questions do come up regarding God, life, and the universe… but the meditation is not attached to any religion. Several words which have their ‘roots’ in Sanskrit are offered as a ‘Mantra’ however, there will be a choice if you do not wish to use these words.

Do I have to sit cross legged on the ground?

Nope – If I can’t do that, I definitely would not get you to do it! We will meditate sitting comfortably in a chair. However, you can actually meditate in many different ways – you can even meditate walking, running, swimming… and any other way. It’s a state of mind.

What qualifications do you have to teach me meditation?

First and foremost, I offer all men in the ‘Meditation for Men’ course my 20+ years of LIFE experience. This includes the hundreds of hours of study, practice and participation in courses and ashrams from around the world. I gravitated towards transcendental meditation (TM) and developed my course based on these principles.

I undertook an intensive meditation course over 20 years ago – called ‘Lifting the veil’ by Gita Bellin and this lead me to start my journey and practice in meditation.

I have personally studied and practiced many different styles and types of meditation – however the one I have settled upon and teach has a very strong core foundation which I can then adapt and use with many other different styles and techniques.

I am also a current mental health first aider (2018), and have recently studied courses in:

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) Practitioner by Kain Ramsay
  • Mindfulness 1, 2, 3 and Master Certification by Kain Ramsay

About Kain Ramsay:

International Best-Selling Instructor of grounded, pragmatic life principles. Teaching radically modern applied psychology. Director of Training at Achology


  • Certificate in Counselling
  • Certificate in Business Management & Leadership
  • Certificate in Social Sciences
  • Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner
  • National Vocational Qualifications Assessor

There is no recognised Australian body for meditation as there are so many styles and types available. There are different courses you can take which provide you with personal experience,  and there are several different ‘STYLES’ of meditation which offer qualifications underneath their ‘style’.

Will meditation open me up emotionally?

The answer to that is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. It really depends upon your intention coming into this meditation course, what you are using it for and how much you do it. I can only say that meditating has definitely made me more ‘in touch’ with my true self and my feelings. It has made me a ‘better and stronger person’.

I am not a counsellor and not professionally trained in psychology or advising on medical issues, however I am a licensed first aider for mental health. I have an extensive referral network and can refer you to professionals and organisations which can offer assistance if emotional issues arise as a result of meditation.

Should I do this meditation course if I feel unstable emotionally or mentally?

I would suggest speaking to your GP first if you feel ‘unstable or upset emotionally’ and they can refer you a professional who can recommend support and or treatment accordingly.

Many professionals recommend meditation as a ‘positive course of action’ for MOST people in most situations, however, if you feel unsure – then I would suggest seeking advice prior to registering for the course.

I would be happy to liaise with your GP should they require further information about the course.

Why just men in the course?

Quite simply, I am seeking to create a safe room where men can feel free to share what they have experienced openly. I feel that I have a greater understanding of the ‘mind of a man’, and am passionate about helping men to have a greater understanding of themselves.

Do I have to openly discuss my feelings or emotions?

Absolutely not. You can be whoever and whatever u want to be at all times in the course. There is not expectation for you to communicate openly if you do not wish to.