A local movement with a global message

Making Meditation Mainstream

FREE Community Group Sessions
Everyone Welcome : Men, Women and Children (including first time meditators)


Saturdays 6.30am
Tuesdays and Thursdays 5.30am

Current Locations:

Avalon Beach



New locations launching soon:

Manly NSW

Adelaide (Beach TBC)

The Making Meditation Mainstream Vision

I have a vision. It is clear as crystal in my mind.
I see dozens of people arriving at beach locations all around Australia, every single week… to sit and meditate as one collective.
People who will sit together and appreciate the natural beauty of the beach…  the sand, the sea and the waves.
Connecting inwardly and outwardly.
People who come to not only appreciate the moment and to connect inwardly but also to support each other, to talk and to communicate.

My Why

I believe meditation is the key to changing the World. If we can connect internally, and allow our true nature to come to the forefront, then we will respond differently. We will become more aware, and more measured and more considered. We will support instead of fear, we will trust instead of fear, we will reach out instead of fear. And changing ourselves and our relationship to people will change our world.

Your invitation

I want to welcome you to become a part of this movement. It is a groundswell that is gaining more and more traction everyday. More beach locations will open up and more opportunity for people to be involved will emerge.

I welcome you to come and sit as a community and a movement dedicated to the understanding that through meditation, we can change this world and leave it in a better place for our children to enjoy.