Sometimes it’s just better One on One.

There is strength in a crowd as part of the 4 week course. You will develop friendships and draw strength upon the stories and development of your fellow attendees – HOWEVER, for some people, this just doesn’t work, and a more individual approach is best.

I welcome you to make contact with me, and we can discuss how I will deliver the course content in a one-on-one format.

There are no rules, we can do it anywhere and everywhere – your place, my place, beach, café … even on ZOOM or SKYPE!

You don’t have to be in Sydney, Australia to jump on in – you could be from anywhere!

Please be aware that the focus of ‘Meditation for Men’ is on the group courses in order to maximise time and get as many men as possible meditating. As a result, there are strictly limited availability and times for ‘one on one’ sessions.

Look forward to connecting.